• Image of Best Of Praxxiz Vol. 1 (CD)

Mixed by the man Dr. Motte himself, that very fact garuntees that this compilation is 100% first class & bang up to date contemporary cutting edge Techno

Artist: Robert Babicz, Samuel L Session, Hertz, Gabriel Le Mar, Superstrobe, DJ Dag, Alex Dior, Secret Cinema, Johannes Heil, Michael Schwarz, Modvlar, Da Fresh & Dr. Motte

PRAXXIZ Records is very pleased to present for your enjoyment & appreciation, the first CD release on the Label. & What better way to start than with „Best Of PRAXXIZ Vol. 1“? In the labels first 3 years, it has afforded numerous international artists of the finest calibre in every respect, to step up, take center stage and show and tell what their definition of 21st century Techno is all about without the compromise or limitations of commercial dictate. A brave step indeed in a time of uncertain Economics!